Open Minds Apparel is a street wear brand cultivated by two open minded individuals from Broward County, Florida. We reside in a place that houses many different cultures and backgrounds. A place that fosters much knowledge and creativity. We believe that to be open minded is to crave this knowledge and creativity. To want to know more so that we can expand our creativity. We're not just talking about education or street smarts, but everything in between. Open Minds is not only a clothing brand or a movement, but a lifestyle we encourage you to live everyday. We're here to serve you by bringing a fresh new outlook and perspective on street wear. Accompany our brand as we define and create our identity through you, by allowing us to provide you with the tools to be a part of today's fashion culture. All we ask is that you keep an Open Mind.

"The mind that opens to a new idea never returns to its original size." - Albert Einstein